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Today we look at what needs to be done. 


First step is a Free 1:1 Strategy Session were we explore the 2-3 year vision that you have for your Business.

We will identify the current position, and more importantly, the current trajectory that your business is on.

Next we identify the KEY PROJECTS for you to work on, and we will prioritize the first 3 Projects for you to make a start on TODAY.

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or, learn about


The choice is completely up to You

business strategies need accountability

Playing “above the line” is something that you are more than likely doing as a Business Owner. 

Also, you may be asking yourself “Why aren’t my results reflecting this?” 

Well, you are not alone. The Accountable Boardroom just may be an option for you to consider. 

Think about a unique blend of 1 : 1 Coaching in your Business and then coming together with other Business Owners every 6 weeks, all with Teams and all from different Industries with different insights. Sound good?

What if this all generated a minimum Return On Investment 5x ?

what you do next is up to you

At this point you have nothing to lose, this could be a defining moment for your business. The Accountable Boardroom is worth the 2 free Sessions to explore

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Business "HACKS"

Business Strategies are dependent on these areas


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Chris offers the following


Strategic Advice On

  • Leadership
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Systems
  • Marketing
  • Target Audience
  • Lead Generation
  • Productivity
  • Systems
  • Scale

Think of Chris as your right hand man ... or board member

  • 1:1 Business Coaching & Consulting ….
  • Business Group Coaching & Consulting
  • Free Business Workshops
  • Team Workshops
  • Leadership Workshops

do you feel like coffee and a chat?

Chris feels he has an obligation, and also a passion, to meet with Business Owners and listen to their story, and their challenges…. And there are no hidden costs for this. Sometimes a chat is all you need. Chris is certainly NOT just another Business Coach. With an track record of results working with Business Owners, Chris also brings a Consulting approach where appropriate to help get financial results for his Clients. 

Let Chris buy you a cup of coffee and have a chat about your concerns, or challenges

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From your insurance broker

“I have known Chris Beard professionally for over 15 years and have seen first hand the exceptional results he gets with our clients and other businesses by liberating them from the confines of their business so it works for them, not the other way around.

We have also taken advantage of Chris’s extensive knowledge and skill set at Your Insurance Broker and the results just start to happen when the ideas and suggestions Chris makes are followed, we can all learn something. I highly recommend you commit to working with Chris, the results will speak for themselves, and he’s a genuinely nice guy to work with.”

Ian Ferris  – Director, Snr Account Manager

From workplace central

“I met Chris about 6 months ago with my business stagnated and lacking focus.  I knew i needed a kick along and Chris has provided a great resource for direction and clarity with accountability.  He has diverse knowledge of practical tools for business maximization which we have tapped into.  And i look forward to working with him on new projects.”

Ben Haycroft